Posted by: tksthoughts | Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day 14 → A hero that has let you down

This person is a person that should have been a hero and never was.

Dear sperm donor,

I am not sure what to say. You had one job and you failed miserably. You were suppose to be my father but instead you abandoned me and left me alone all these years. You missed birthdays, graduations, and holidays. You never called, sent a card, or reached out. You never said you loved me and you never were a father. Instead I grew up wondering why I was not good enough and why I didn’t have a father in my life. I grew up yearning fo a father-daughter relationship and then mourning for the relationship that would never be.  I have since forgiven you, not for you though but for me. I have moved on. I have a become a strong woman and have lived a wonderful life.  The memories that we will never share are not my loss but yours.  I am disappointed in the man you were never able to be.  So to you a say, you let me down by never being there to be that hero……so I found heroes in others. 


The daughter you will never know


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