Posted by: tksthoughts | Sunday, December 12, 2010

November from Memory

November another busy month.

Another month of good times and good fun.

And sadly, a month without pictures.  At lease not any really good ones.

But still want to highlight some of the things that happened.

There was a lot of football watching of course. I am doing fairly well in Fantasy Football league but it is a lot to keep up with.  The Bulldawgs ended the season with a wing and we were able to become bowl eligible. Not a great bowl. But a bowl none the less.

One weekend was spent having brunch with the girls at Pappadeaux. Talk about yummy. Thier pancakes make you want to slap someone. I wish you could just go an order pancakes.  They have yummy chicken fingers also.

After brunch we attempted a task that I would not wish on anyone.  Not even my worse enemy. Amongst “The Girls” there are 8 children.  Someone decided that since everyone had children (those that want them since I don’t want them) finally, that it would be a great idea to take a group picture of all the children.  Well to take said pictures, the children would need coordinating outfits. So off to the mall we went to get 4 girl outfits and 4 boy outfits.  OMG!! Talk about mission impossible. There were color issues, and sizing issues, and pricing issues, and you name it issues.  After 5 hours, we finally had the girls outfits and 1/2 of the boys outfits. We were to say the least. We walked up and down the mall and stores around the mall.  Who knew getting four outfits would be that complicated. Sheesh. Reason #1,552,550 why I am not having a child.

November also had a big holiday known as Thanksgiving.  I did not go home this year but spent Thanksgiving with the Rouses.  Talk about yummy.  Fried Turkey, great dressing, great mac and cheese, great ham and plenty of other side dishes. Oooh the dressing was so yummy. There was plenty of good dessert also and I even tried buttermilk pie for the first time. Tasty. My friend Jam’s mom sent a plate so I had plenty of leftovers.

The day after Thanksgiving I put up the Christmas tree and decorated the inside of the house.  Didn’t do any outside decoration besides the wreath this year because it was just to cold. I love Christmas and love putting up the Christmas tree and the smell of the cinnamon sticks. Earlier this year the boy toy (ha, boy toy) and I went shopping for the yearly ornaments.  Mine is a really cute snowman. I would take a picture right about now but that would require me getting off my lazy butt and walking to the tree.  Not happening.

So now the house is all decorated and it makes me happy. I love looking at the tree.

My great-aunt turned 80 the Monday after Thanksgiving and the family had a great big surprise party for her in Antigua. My attended and she flew out of Atlanta that weekend so I got to see her for a few hours. She came in about midnight on Saturday and she had to be at the airport at 5am so we basically just stayed up all night. I was so sleepy the next day.

On the work front we got some really good news and there was a lot of celebrating. It felt really good because it was something we had worked hard for and it was good to see our hard work pay off. We kicked some competitors butt and we rocked! It’s not often you get such accolades in my line of work.

All in all, November was a good month.  I know there were some other things such as some dinners, some movies, and some other stuff that I am probably forgetting but these were the highlights.

And December is already off to a great start.


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